yoga Group classes

Whether man, woman, teenager from 16, beginner or advanced - you're welcome. The number of participants is limited to 7 people per class. This way, a qualitative yoga instruction according to your needs is ensured. 


Yoga mats and meditation cushions are available. Please bring a large towel and comfortable sports clothing. Did you forget your towel? Just rent one for only 3 EUR. The rental fee is included in the first trial class. 

Outdoor Yoga

The yoga class lasts 75 minutes and takes place with a minimum of 3 participants. Please bring your own mat, drink and, if necessary, pillow, blanket, blocks. Classes take place at Messelteich. If you don't have a mat, please let me know.

Monday until Wednesday       18:30-19:45

Thursday                                  19:00-20:15

Friday and Saturday                10:30-11:45

Schedule (0n hold due to Corona)

The duration of a yoga class is 75 minutes. The group classes only take place with an attendance of at least 3 people.

Monday           17:30-18:45


Tuesday          16:30-17:45



Wednesday    17:30-18:45


Thursday        17:30-18:45


Friday             10:30-11:45

Saturday         10:30-11:45



Trial class (+ 1 for free) -> sign up here

20 EUR

Single class (11th class free)

20 EUR

10x in 6 months

150 EUR

10x in 12 months

180 EUR

Abo Chandra (4x per month)

54 EUR

Abo Surya (6x per month)

72 EUR

For each recommendation

5 EUR voucher

Rental fee for Yoga towel



-> Read more about the different prices.