Private Yoga

Private yoga classes (75 min) are tailored to your needs and wishes. You receive individual support and a personal yoga program. This ensures the best possible results. No matter whether you are beginner or an experienced yogi.


I am happy to come to your home, your office or find a nice location near you. In summer, yoga classes are available outdoors. Small group classes with your friends or colleagues are also offered. Just sign up for a trial class.

What are the advantages of Private Yoga?

✔ You save time, because I come to you or find a nice location close by.

✔ It fits into your schedule, since private yoga is independent of yoga class times.

✔ Your needs and health problems can be taken into account.

✔ There is no distraction by other yogis.

✔ It is more effective, because you get my full attention.

✔ Yoga among friends or colleagues strengthens the bond.


Trial class -> sign up here

50 EUR

Single class

90 EUR

5 Sessions (incl. RINGANA product worth 25 EUR)

450 EUR

10 Sessions

850 EUR

20 Sessions

1600 EUR

For up to 5 participants. The amount increases by 10 EUR per person for each additional participant.

Late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) or no-shows are non-refundable.