Yoga - Experiences

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This was my first yoga class I`ve visited and I am very satisfied. The exercises are all very well explained and I could finally relax again. Also, the pain in my back has not occurred since I am regularly participating in the yoga class. All together, a very recommendable course. THANK YOU!!!



My life companion and I do yoga at Tvaya and it is lots of fun! Great for beginners, but also for experienced yogis. Great teacher (empathic, sensitive, ...) and she always has a little surprise with lovely extras (singing bowls, fragrances,...).

I can only recommend her!



As an absolut yoga novice, I was pleasantly suprised by how much fun it was! Highly recommended!



As someone who's been practicing yoga for several years, I really appreciated the unique style of Raja Yoga offered at Tvaya.  The classes I've attended so far have begun with what I would describe as a more dynamic approach to asanas, yet well-balanced with a pranayama breathing section and softer postures to end the class.  Ulrike's physical presence is disciplined yet flexible and her voice is calm and assuring, which created a very pleasant and positive overall atmosphere.  Aside from being well-qualified, she takes a holistic approach to the practice and seems to be genuinely interested in cultivating a health-oriented lifestyle among the people who join her.  She was very open to talking about the class and after it finished, showing both confidence and communicativeness.  Definitely recommended for yogis with varying levels of previous experience!



I took a lesson of traditional Yoga with Ulrike. She is a calm and attentive teacher and helps you if you have difficulties with some of the exercises. I really liked that she managed to create a relaxing atmosphere while you're working out. Perfect for after work or school!



Was so much fun and the next day I felt really good!



The yoga classes are lot's of fun. After each class I could start into the day very relaxed and with energy! Thank you so much!