Business Yoga

Take yoga classes directly to your workplace! The yoga program easily fits into a lunch break, can be held in the afternoon or after the work day. Regular business yoga offers the employees and the company itself amazing benefits. Yoga can also be booked as a one-time teambuilding activity. Just make an appointment.


Within the framework of occupational health management, yoga is subsidized in companies per employee and year with 500 euros. The expenses for the booked units can thus be included as a tax-free amount to this extent.

What are the advantages of Business Yoga?

✔ Better handling of time pressure and stress

✔ Respond calmer in demanding situations

✔ Improved communication, concentration, decision-making and performance

✔ Higher productivity

✔ Reduction of physical health problems (back pain, tension, etc.)

✔ Less absence due to illness, burn-out, depression etc.

✔ Reduces the cost of stress-related illnesses and absenteeism

✔ Improves team spirit and working atmosphere

✔ Greater motivation, satisfaction and loyalty of employees

further advantages


Full grant: The employer offers the employees Business Yoga free of charge.

Subsidy: The fees are shared by employees and employers.

Hosting: The employer provides a space. The employees pay the fees themselves.

Trial class (60 minutes) -> sign up here

84 EUR

30 minutes

105 EUR

45 minutes

125 EUR

60 minutes

140 EUR

75 minutes

150 EUR

At the office for up to 10 participants and at least 10 appointments.

For each additional participant the amount increases by 10 EUR.

Teambuilding activity (90 minutes)

210 EUR

All prices stated are subject to VAT at the statutory rate.