Raja Yoga

With Raja Yoga you learn how to train your body and mind, relax, improve your health and concentration through physical exercises, meditation, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and a healthy lifestyle. So it's not just about physical strength and flexibility, but also and above all about mental development and relaxation. The aim is to gain control over one's own mind and to reduce stress.  This is possible in group classes, in private classes or in companies. NEW: 75 minute online yoga videos.

Yoga Offers

Group Classes

Tvaya Yoga Gruppenkurse Berlin

High quality yoga group classes with a maximum of 7 participants

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Private Yoga

Tvaya Private Yoga Berlin

Private classes with an individual yoga program at a location of your choice

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Business Yoga

Tvaya Business Yoga Berlin

Yoga classes with your colleagues or as a teambuilding activity

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What are the advantages of my teaching?

✔ train your mind and learn to relax

✔ learn to cope with stress and find better sleep

✔ improve your concentration and memory

✔ become more flexible and prevent injuries

✔ build muscles and improve your balance

✔ increase awareness of your body and posture

✔ promote your health and reduce certain health problems

✔ prepare your body for birth or support it after birth

✔ get to know yourself better and become more self-assured

✔ develop a more conscious and healthier lifestyle

✔ become happier

What do my classes include?

✔ dynamic and static physical exercises (asanas)

✔ meditations

✔ breathing exercises (pranayama)

✔ relaxation techniques

✔ mindfulness

✔ tips on healthy lifestyle and diet

Responsibility and normal mental and physical capacity is required for all classes. For acute problems (even colds) seek medical advice first. The yoga teacher ultimately decides on participation. Liability is limited to intent and gross negligence.