Mental Coaching

Tvaya Mental Coaching Berlin Schmargendorf

The mental coaching offered by me is a successful method through which you learn to cast off your over the years accumulated and internalized thought and behavioral patterns. You train your mind and your imagination and as a result you remove stress and the associated consequences. Learn a technique with which you can always achieve your goals and dreams. It is the beginning of a happy, healthy, relaxed and self-determined life. Learn more during a free and non-committal preliminary. 


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What can I help you with?

✔ Stress reduction
✔ Weight control
✔ Stop smoking
✔ Self-confidence
✔ Exam taking
✔ Concentration and memory
✔ Activate self-healing powers
✔ Better sleep
✔ Preparation for important events
✔ Sports performance
✔ and much more

"The mind is everything.

What you think you become" 

Why Mental Coaching?

Our modern life is marked by time pressure and our own high demands on ourselves. This puts us under constant stress. Chronic stress can lead to a variety of ailments, addictions and negative thinking. We end up in a vicious circle of unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits, which can in turn have its own negative effect on all aspects of life. Yoga helps many people to leave the stresses and straints of everyday life behind and find some peace. Does stress, however, already have too much influence on your physical and mental level, I can help you with mental coaching to change your situation.

Workshops in Companies

I give 3-day workshops of 2 hours for stress management in companies. Participants learn the art of communicating with their subconscious, which is the extraordinary part of the mind that accomplishes miracles and makes the impossible possible. Contact me.