anti-stress Coaching - Experiences

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With anti-stress coaching I have gained self-confidence and I solve situations, which were challenging for me clearly with more confidence and above all more consciously and thus even with fun and joy. 


It's quite funny, almost unbelievable. Ulrike's anti-stress coaching feels during the session mainly like pleasure and relaxation. Actually, I would think: "Yes it was quite nice, but...", but then, when I am again in the situation that was treated during the session, it feels very different from what I'm used to. I can really enjoy this situation, which used to be stressful for me before. 


This impressed me very much. So much that I have great interest in taking more sessions with Ulrike in the future.


Thank you dear Ulrike for your valuable work!



With the help of Ulrikes anti-stress coaching I stopped smoking. Why did it work?


Whenever I attempted to quit smoking, I got the feeling of losing something if I "give up" smoking. For example, the opportunity to reward myself with a cigarette. Of course, I always knew that I won't loose anything and rather gain back freedom, protect my health and save money. Despite the crystal clear benefits of quitting smoking the negative associations triggered by the thought of not smoking, used to be stronger. It was the fact that everyday life is full of pro-cigarette images. A typical classic: the sight of cheerful, cool, good-looking people who appear to enjoy smoking. Result: I want it too.


With anti-stress coaching Ulrike has managed to resolve the conflict between my ambition to give up smoking and the destructive and seductive emotions of smoking. At the same time, I gained in general a much more relaxed view on many aspects of life.


If you seek help in giving up smoking, you should consider anti-stress coaching only if you really want to quit. Anti-stress coaching requires some involvement. One must be ready to embrace it. Anti-stress coaching is therefore nothing passive. For a passionate smoker who sees smoking as his hobby and seeks a way out due to external constraints, anti-stress coaching will not help.



I had 10 sessions of anti-stress coaching with Ulrike for different health and stress issues and I have to say that it was a really interesting experience that definitely had some positive results on me!


It takes some involvement and training before experiencing the long-term effects of anti-stress coaching but you will also get some immediate results thanks to the relaxing and positive state that each session will bring you!


Ulrike is a very committed coach that is really talented to understand and accompany your improvement along the sessions.


The effects of anti-stress coaching on stress, behaviours and diseases are more and more recognised scientifically so why not giving it a try?