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Do you feel stressed and tense? Are you plagued by negative thoughts and want to get rid of unwanted habits? Do you just want to let go and take back control over your life?


I will help you to overcome and prevent stress and its negative effects on body and mind with yoga or mental coaching. This process can be supported by fresh cosmetics & superfoods.


Make time for yourself - you're worth it!

Tvaya Yoga towel Berlin Schmargendorf Wilmersdorf Charlottenburg Dahlem Grunewald


with innovative surface structure and non-slip back for maximum grip on the mat


price: 25 EUR


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Yoga Tvaya Berlin Schmargendorf

With Raja Yoga you are training your body and mind. You learn to relax and improve your health and concentration.

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Natural cosmetics and superfoods are part of a holistic approach to strengthen body and mind.

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Mental Coaching

Mental Coaching Tvaya Berlin Schmargendorf

Learn a successful technique with which you can remove stress and achieve your goals and dreams.

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About me

Welcome to Tvaya - you're worth it! I'm Ulrike Kuschel and through yoga, mental coaching and a healthy lifestyle I've managed to escape the stress of everyday life.

I am happy to show you how it works.

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